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Fundraiser for a DJI Mavic 3 for the 26th brigade

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Good afternoon, our dear donators! At the moment, requests for copters have increased, so zhyku are announcing a new fundraising for the DJI Mavic 3. The guys in the Zaporizhzhia region need urgent help, as the enemy's pressure on them has increased significantly. The copter is needed for adjusting artillery and conducting reconnaissance operations. For tasks, only the model with a 600 matrix is appropriate. Our team recently raised funds for such a drone.

The military has repeatedly emphasized the urgency of fundraising. Currently, they have been transferred to a special-purpose unit, and without this drone, their situation is becoming more and more dangerous every day. So our "mavik" will literally save their lives! Several dozen guys are waiting for this drone right now. Every dollar is valuable. Thank you for being with us!

🎯 Goal: 107 000 ₴

🔗 Donate's link

💳 Card number

5375 4112 0316 7007


Greetings to all our donators!

The "Zhyku" team wants to report on the DJI Mavic 3 fundraiser.

This fundraiser was unusual, because we decided to collect at the same time for "mavik" and clothes for a military man who needed it.

  • "Mavik" in the amount of 96 812 ₴

  • Berets and a military uniform for a boy from the city of Nikopol in the amount of 13 900

  • A box of cigarettes – 879 ₴

  • Coffee – 209 ₴

  • Energy bars 4 pcs – 119 ₴

The total amount of expenses amounted to 111 919 UAH , of which about 102 000 UAH were spent from voluntary donations of our benefactors and 10,000 UAH from Zhyku's own funds. In the photo report from the guys, you can see the branded Zhyku's stickers we sent to the military. Now our bugs will be patriotically visible on the automatic weapons of our defenders.

As always, we sincerely thank you for every dollar you send us

Know that your contributions save the lives of our defenders!

P.S. Below you can find a photo report from the military, a video of the adjustment of fire from the drone purchased with your funds, and a thank you from the military man for the clothing provided.

Video of drone operation:

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