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Fundraiser for a DJI Mavic 3 for the 28th Brigade, «Kurta» group

Good evening, we are from Ukraine!

The military thank all of us from the bottom of our hearts for our work and for paraphernalia which helps to destroy the enemy and brings great results! So we don't stop and announce a new big fundraiser for the DJi Mavic 3 for the military in the hotspot near Bakhmut!

The copter has a rather high cost, but this is due to the fact that it has an optical zoom, instead of a digital one. This characteristic contributes to more accurate adjustment of fire and the dropping of grenades at the enemy, as well as better aerial reconnaissance.

🎯 Goal: 89 900.00 ₴

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Friends, remember that tomorrow is one day closer to victory, so let's donate to the Armed Forces today! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!


Nice to see you! We hasten to inform you that the pre-order for DJI Mavic 3 is closed, and the military has received its "drone", which will help combat the enemy near Bakhmut. The initial amount was UAH 89 000, but already after the announcement of the cost of the copter and the start of fundraising, the military informed us about the need for matrice 600 in the Mavik, which increases the price of the product by UAH 14 000 So we bought a copter more expensively, with the necessary matrice, and closed this fundraiser partly from our own funds.

In addition to the quick purchase of goods, which was carried out thanks to your contributions, the military received gifts from the bug benefactors – coffee and cigarettes.

Funds spent:

  • DJI Mavic 3 –104 000 ₴

  • A pack of cigarettes – 759 ₴

  • Coffee – 166 ₴

  • Product delivery – 1 079 ₴

Total amount: 106 004 ₴

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated in this fundraiser! You can view an additional photo report personally from the military at the Instagram link.

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