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Fundraiser of funds for hemostatic products "KROVOSPAS"

Our dear donators! We announce a new collection for "krovospas" for the 28th brigade in the Donetsk region. Thanks to the unique hemostatic composition, which is part of the "krovospas", it is possible to quickly stop intense bleeding. This is why these bandages are extremely important on the battlefield.

Through the team of zhyku, the manufacturers of this hemostatic agent have already generously provided 100 bandages for free, because the military urgently needed help in the hot spot! Currently, it is necessary to support the production of "krovospas" with donations so that our defenders receive as many of these necessary means as possible. Therefore, we ask everyone to participate in this collection as much as possible.

🎯Goal: 15 000 ₴

🔗 Donate`s link

💳 Card number

5375 4112 0347 0781


Friends! We inform you that the donation for the manufacturers of hemostatic products "KROVOSPAS" has already been sent, and the military has received one hundred such bandages. Fundraiser closed as quickly as possible - a few hours after the announcement. Thanks to such generous donations, the production of "krovospas" will work faster to provide assistance to even more soldiers! We thank you! You all are incredible!

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