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Thermal imaging for the 26th brigade

Greetings to all! The boys from the Zaporozhye region have made us a new request. They need thermal imaging with a detection range of approximately 1,500 meters to protect artillery from subversive-reconnaissance groups. After the market analysis, it was decided to buy the thermal imager Cyclops 335 for the amount of 70 thousand UAH. Understanding the difficult economic situation in the country, the military even decided to bear part of the costs. But our team wants to please the military and collect the full amount. We will be grateful to you, our benefactors, for every dollar of help!

🎯Goal: 70 000.00 ₴


Nice to meet you! We report on the assistance provided to the 26th brigade, which is stationed in the Zaporizhzhia region. Thanks to your immediate donations, we provided timely assistance to the military! A thermal imaging was purchased, which improves the work of our guys at night. Additionally, as a gift, we put coffee and cigarettes. Below is a detailed description of the assistance provided:

  • thermal imager (with delivery) ThermEye cyclops 335UAH 70 525;

  • a carton of cigarettes Winston – UAH 759;

  • coffee (with delivery) – UAH 289.

The total amount of assistance provided is UAH 71 573. The Zhyku team is very grateful for every donation from you.

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